What you and your school will be able to access:

Kid Friendly Website Login Access to 4 Interactive Auslan Stories in

View A Video of what it Looks Like:

Some screenshots of the Interactive Auslan Stories:


What will be emailed to you

Username and Password Access (for your school, staff, students and families to play at home and at school)
Auslan Stories Teacher's Sheet (with username and password) (PDF)
Auslan Stories Student's Sheet (PDF)
a desktop icon (for easy access in school computers and laptops
- ask your school's IT person to put it in if possible)


You may like to try it out  to see if it's something that you'd like for your school.
1 month individual access for only $5.50 can be obtained at

The 1 Year Online Interactive Auslan Stories is accessible for the full School Year 2020.
A whole school year subscription means you will be able to share this password access with all staff, students and parents in your school. Students and staff are able to use the password to access the Auslan stories at home.

Each story has animated pictures with stories being signed in Auslan.
Students can click on key words in the story to see the Auslan sign for it, along with a drawn pictures of words.

Each story also has an interactive activity section at the end where students play games with nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, it will help them to recall the signs they have learnt. When they have entered an answer correctly, a green tick will appear, if they entered wrong, a red cross will appear. This is a very addictive and enjoyable activity for students and as a natural result, their Auslan skills will increase.
This is also an excellent activity for Deaf students to help them learn English as they will be able to see English words for each Auslan signs at the same time. It is beneficial for hearing students who struggle with reading English, as English words will show pictures of what they look like, as well.

Invaluable for staff - to be able to easily enjoy learning Auslan signs and Auslan grammar independently any time, and to have an idea of what Auslan grammar looks like. They will be able to see that Auslan is a rich language used by the Deaf community in Australia.

Invaluable for students - all words and pictures are linked to signs, complete with full Auslan stories, students will be able to develop their English skills with word vocabularies and spelling as they learn Auslan at the same time. The pictures and signs are very easy to follow and very enjoyable. Students' understanding of Auslan as a whole language is enriched by interacting with these stories. Many aspects of Auslan are covered in the stories, such as facial expression and  role shifting (constructed action), the Auslan teacher can elaborate on these while showing the stories to students. Students can also access the game at home and learn at their own pace.

Invaluable for parents - an opportunity to be involved in their child's learning at school and to have fun learning Auslan as a second language together with their child.