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Cover Page
Giving Praise
Giving Encouragement and Feedback
Giving Directions
Asking Questions
Frequently Used Signs for Home Time

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If you would like your staff to learn Auslan using this book as part of Professional Development training, either with an Auslan tutor, or independently, please check www.onlineauslancourses.com.au for availability, or contact us about it.



The Everyday Auslan for the School Staff e-book is easy to follow, with illustrations showing how to sign in Auslan using sentences, asking questions, giving directions, and so on.

This book is very useful for school staff because they will not be wasting time learning unnecessary Auslan signs that have no relevance to every day school conversations. All the signs and conversations in this book are directly related to everyday conversations being used in the school.

Since the majority of school staff work in mainstreamed schools, the sentence structure used in this book follows the English sentence structure with unnecessary words omitted (is, an, are, the, etc). Using everyday Auslan in an English sentence structure will make it easier for school staff to include Auslan naturally while speaking to the whole classroom at the same time. To see examples of this, please click on the above sample pages.

There is also an additional booklet related to this book called Everyday Auslan - Quick Reference Booklets for Specific School Staff which is designed for specific school staff so that they can quickly access frequently used signs in their respective areas (for example, Principal, School Secretary, English teacher, Maths teacher, Art teacher, Music teacher, School counsellor, and so on).  For more information about this additional booklet, please click here.

Everyday Auslan for the School Staff e-book is an improvisation from the old "SOS I have an Auslan Signing Kid in my Class!"

Please note that the Auslan used in this book are Southern Dialect (Vic, SA, WA, and Tas). If you are from Qld or NSW (which uses the Northern Dialect of Auslan), you can ask someone who is knowledgeable in Auslan in your State (or school) to double check the signs in the book that they are the same that your state use. Most of the signs are the same all over Australia, except for a few, especially colours, and Deaf people have no trouble understanding each other.

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The Everyday Auslan for the School Staff e-book
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