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The Auslan Picture Dictionary e-book

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There is a Northern Dialect and Southern Dialect version of the e-book.


The Auslan Picture Dictionary e-book is a 107 page PDF and has over 1,000 signs and pictures combined. Each signs are labelled and has a matching picture.

There are 25 topics to choose from:
Alphabet, Action, Animals, Body, Calendar, Clothes, Colour, Community, Country, Family, Feelings, Food, Greetings, House, Money, Nature, Numbers, Occupation, People, Placing, Questions, Sport, Time, Transport and Weather.

With The Auslan Picture Dictionary e-book, you can select a topic, photocopy the signed pages onto an A3 sized paper, display them on the wall and show students how to sign them. Once the students are familiar with the signs, and are signing them correctly, they are then ready to play activity games (see Suggested Activity Ideas in The Auslan Picture Dictionary), and work on activity sheets from both LOTE Auslan Activity Book A and LOTE Auslan Activity Book B which are based on topics from The Auslan Picture Dictionary.

Related Resources: There is a School Subscription for your students to access online videos of the signs in the Auslan Picture Dictionary in here.
The videos will show both Northern and Southern Dialect variations.

Once payment has been made, an email will be sent to you in 1 to 3 business days with the e-book attached or a Drop Box link where you can download the e-book.
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The Auslan Picture Dictionary
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