Auslan Grammar Glossary - A Linguistics Dictionary for Auslan Teachers

"A wonderful tool for every Auslan teacher to have, very easy to use"


Consists of:
Auslan Grammar Glossary Book (Version 2) (a physical book which will be mailed to you)
Auslan Grammar Glossary Videos in Web Pages (Version 2) for easy viewing (a zip which will be emailed to you)

View sample pages of the Book:
Glossary Index
Sample 1 -
Iconic Signs - Fully Transparent, Translucent & Arbitrary
Sample 2 -
Inflection, Initalisation, Interjection
Sample 3 -
Spatial Modification, Sign Modification, Sign Modification-Aspect

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About this Book and Videos
The Auslan Grammar Glossary – A Linguistics Dictionary for Auslan Teachers (Version 2) covers around 150 Auslan-related specific words and linguistic terms that any Auslan teacher will need to be familiar with when teaching Auslan.

It is specifically designed for the Auslan teacher's personal reference (no worksheets for students are included).

The Auslan videos shows the signs for each linguistic term in Auslan (if there is an Auslan sign for it), and includes explanations and examples with subtitles.

The Auslan videos are viewable in downloaded Web Pages which makes it easier for the teacher to locate specific glossary items and view Auslan videos on their computer.

No internet connection is needed after downloading the zip, everything will be in the teacher's computer (or USB).

Sources for glossary definitions are from:

The Australian Curriculum
Personal University Lecture Notes
Australian Sign Language - An Introduction to Sign Language Linguistics

Both North and South Dialects are included.

Copyright Permissions
The Auslan Grammar Glossary – A Linguistics Dictionary for Auslan Teachers  book (and accompanying Auslan videos in Web Pages) is designed for the Auslan teacher’s own reference, and is not to be reproduced (copied or electronically) for distribution to students or to people.

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