Auslan for Child Care and Kindergarten

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One Auslan for Child Care and Kindergarten e-book

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Page 2 - Contents
Page 19 - Starting Out
Page 35-38 - Clothes

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What's in the e-book:

How Auslan Helps in Language Development

What to Know when Meeting a Deaf Child for the First Time

Should I use Auslan Grammar or an English Sentence Structure?

Topic Comment

Contact Signing (Pidgin)

How to Use Past Tense in Auslan

How to Use Facial Expressions in Auslan

How to Ask Questions in Auslan


Important Communication Tips



Starting Out

Meeting New People and Friends

“Where’s Mummy going? I want my Mummy!”

Topics to Talk About

What’s Inside, Weather, Family, Toys, Actions,

Activities, Feelings, Play Time, Body Parts, Food,

Snack & Lunch Time, Clothes, Toilet & Hygiene,

Colours, Nap Time, Animals, Home Time, Outside

Important Conversational Topics

Giving Praise

Giving Encouragement and Feedback

Giving Directions

Asking Questions

Explaining Situations

When? Days of the Week & Seasons

What’s the Time?

Solving Disputes

Giving Reprimands

Feeling Sick & Getting Hurt

Generally Frequently Used Signs

Pronouns & Positions

Southern Dialect Sign Variations

The Auslan for Child Care and Kindergarten e-book
is a 141 page PDF and is specially designed for Child Care and Kindergarten staff to be able to converse in Auslan using basic and frequently used Auslan signs and phrases. The signs, phrases and conversational sentences in the e-book are easy to follow.
Online videos for this e-book will be available as a separate purchase in

The signs in the e-book are from the Victorian state, signs all around Australia are generally the same except for a few, especially colours. If you are from a state other than Victoria, please double check the signs that they are the same that your state use.

Once payment has been made, an email with a link will be sent to you in 1 to 3 business days where you can download the e-book.
Single Print: Print once for individual child care or kindergarten staff to own. This e-book can be used as a library book. The contents can be photocopied to be used as posters in child care and kindergarten.

The Auslan for Child Care and Kindergarten e-book is copyright and for personal and school classroom use only (including child care and kindergarten). The e-book is to be printed only once its entirety per school/childcare/kindergarten. The individual staff may photocopy the e-book as many times for personal and classroom use. Please do not photocopy or reprint the e-book to be distributed to other individuals or schools, please direct them to this website for them to purchase a copy for themselves.

For Individual Auslan Teachers and/or Companies - i
f you would like to use e-books from Auslan Resources as part of your Auslan teaching business, for example, teaching private Auslan classes or community Auslan classes, please refer to this page for permission and special deal discounts.