Auslan Baby Signs in Pidgin (English Structure) e-book
Auslan conversations from baby age to kindergarten age
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Auslan Baby Signs in Pidgin e-book

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Past Tense
My Family
Where's Mummy?
Meal Times

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The Auslan Baby Signs in Pidgin e-book
is a 150 page PDF and has all the beginning signs and conversational phrases to help you get started with conversing your Deaf baby, toddler, child or student!

For Parents:
If you would like to learn Auslan Baby Signs for your baby or child who is not deaf, to be able provide them with the ability to communicate with you, you will find this book helpful, as it uses Auslan signs following the English grammar or structure. It is not Signed English per se, as it is all Auslan signs, just in English order, which will make it easier for you to speak and sign at the same time.

However, if you have a Deaf baby or child, you may find the Auslan Baby Signs with Auslan Grammar e-book more suitable for your child's needs, as it focuses on using Auslan Grammar, which is an essential language building foundation for your Deaf child to build his or her Auslan language. This in turn will help them develop their understanding and mastery of the English language later on.

For Teachers:
If you have a deaf toddler or child in your kindergarten or classroom, you will find this book very helpful in helping you to become familiar with Auslan signs and how to communicate with the child. You will be able to speak and sign to all children at the same time, as the Pidgin book follows the English structure while at the same time, using Auslan signs.

The signs in the e-book are from the Victorian state, signs all around Australia are generally the same except for a few, especially colours. If you are from a state other than Victoria, please double check the signs that they are the same that your state use.

Once payment has been made, an email will be sent to you in 1 to 3 business days with the e-book attached or a Drop Box link where you can download the e-book.
Single Use: Print once for individual teacher to own or individual family use only

Whole School Use: Print one e-book to be used in school only. This e-book can be used as a library book. The contents can be photocopied to be used as posters in classrooms and for children to use in classroom.

The Auslan Baby Signs in Pidgin e-book is copyright and for personal and school classroom use only. The e-book is to be printed only once its entirety per teacher or per family The individual teacher may photocopy the e-book as many times for personal and classroom use. Please do not photocopy or reprint the e-book to be distributed to other individuals, including teacher, please direct them to this website instead, or purchase a Whole School Use.

For Individual Auslan Teachers and/or Companies - i
f you would like to use e-books from Auslan Resources as part of your Auslan teaching business, for example, teaching private Auslan classes or community Auslan classes, please contact me for permission and special deal discounts.