1st L (Yr 7 Entry) 7-8

Systems of language
Identify and describe all elements of sign production, including handshape and its orientation, movement, location and non-manual features and understand that signs can look like what they represent
[Key concepts: handshape, orientation, movement, location, hand dominance; Key processes: identifying, recognising, describing, understanding] - Elaboration 1

Recognise and restrict signing to the standard signing space, and understand that particular signs, depicting signs, some verbs, enacting and pronouns make use of spatial relationships
[Key concepts: signing space, function of points, verb modification, depicting signs; Key processes: noticing, recognising, describing, comparing, distinguishing] - Elaboration 2

Recognise and use elements of clause structure, such as noun groups/phrases or verb groups/phrases and using conjunctions to shape structure
[Key concepts: sign class, nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, clause; Key processes: recognising, observing, distinguishing, understanding] - Elaboration 3

Recognise similarities and differences in language features of different types of texts, and notice how signers build cohesion in texts
[Key concepts: text, textual features, referent tracking; Key processes: recognising, identifying] - Elaboration 4

Language variation and change
Recognise that there is variation in in how Auslan is used depending on context, environment and influences of other signed languages
[Key concepts: language variation, influence, word-borrowing, change; Key processes: exploring, identifying, classifying, describing] - Elaboration 5

Language awareness
Develop awareness of the sociocultural context, nature and status of Auslan and of the Deaf community in Australia and the impact of this on language change
[Key concepts: communication, transmission, accessibility, language vitality; Key processes: identifying, describing, recognising, investigating, discussing] - Elaboration 6

Role of language and culture
Explore connections between language, identity and cultural practices, values and beliefs and the expression of these connections in Auslan
[Key concepts: language, culture, identity difference, transmission; Key processes: recognising, exploring, understanding, identifying] - Elaboration 7