What is the difference between Auslan in the Victorian Curriculum and Auslan in the Australian Curriculum?

The Auslan section in the Australian Curriculum has more details and extra examples to help you with planning Auslan lesson plans.
There is an article explaining about it in
here, and here is an example of how the Australian Curriculum can be used in the Victorian curriculum in here (see the last paragraph).

Since the current Auslan in the Victorian Curriculum is good till 2020, please double check with your Principal on which curriculum to follow, and the flexibility of using both in the meantime.


From Wikipedia:
In the state of Victoria, Australia, the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) is the curriculum framework for Preparatory to Year 10 school levels, which replaced the Curriculum and Standards Framework II (CSF 2) in 2006. Students starting Year 11 normally proceed to complete the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), but other education options are available.

The VELS is a curriculum framework providing a set of areas for teachers to teach. 

The VELS has six levels, with a general expectation that each level be completed in two years of schooling, with the exception of Level 1, completed in the first year of Primary schooling, known as "Prep", as follows:

Primary School Level
Level 1 - Prep
Level 2 - Years 1 and 2 
Level 3 - Years 3 and 4 
Level 4 - Years 5 and 6

Secondary School Level
Level 5 - Years 7 and 8 
Level 6 - Years 9 and 10

For LOTE subjects in VELS:

Pathway 1  - is for students who begin learning a language in primary school and continue to study the same language to Year 10
Pathway 2 - is for students who begin learning a language in Year 7


Auslan Pathway 1 Progression Points helps VCE Auslan teachers know what exactly to teach in Pathway 1.

Auslan Pathway 2 Progression Points helps VCE Auslan teachers know what exactly to teach in Pathway 2.
Unfortunately, both these Pathway links have been removed from VCAA site.

The Auslan Study Design helps VCE Auslan teachers prepare their Auslan curriculum for Years 11 and 12. 
(You can ask for a copy of the Auslan Study Design Grammar Video, it is an excellent teaching tool as it shows you examples of Auslan grammar as they are being signed out and can be used to show and explain to VCE Auslan students)

Past Examinations
are invaluable teaching tools as they include past exam Auslan videos and exam questions. This will help VCE Auslan teachers to get an idea of what to expect in upcoming VCE Auslan examinations. The Auslan teacher can use this to show and explain to VCE Auslan students and help them to practice and gain confidence for their upcoming Auslan VCE examinations.

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