The 5 Auslan Stories Linguistic Elements e-book and videos for Advanced and Interpreters in Training

Consists of:
One e-book:
5 Auslan Story Videos Linguistic Elements Worksheets for Advanced and Interpreter in Training e-book
Two videos:
5 Auslan Stories Without Pictures video (approximately 20 minutes)
Introduction to Auslan Linguistic Elements video  (approximately 30 minutes)

Free Preview Video:

Watch a preview of the Introduction to Auslan Linguistic Elements Video in YouTube.
If you are unable to see it, your school may have blocked YouTube. You can ask your school to permit it, or view the video at home.

How to implement this in your class?

First, watch the videos:
The 5 Auslan Story without Pictures Videos
includes 5 short Auslan stories, about 2 - 4 minute each, signed by a native Auslan signer from the Victorian state. All Auslan story videos are the same as the ones used in 5 Auslan Story Videos for Beginners and Intermediate, except that they do not include pictures.

Second, introduce the linguistic elements in the Auslan stories
The Introductory to Auslan Linguistic Elements Video
is 30 mintues long, and it includes explanations of linguistic elements being used in the 5 Auslan stories. Each explanation is in Auslan with English subtitles so any person who is learning Auslan is able to pick along quite easily. Linguistic elements covered are: tokens, surrogates, role shift, facial expressions, mouth patterns, eye gazing, eye gazing classifiers, proforms, classifiers, fingerspelling, signs, noun-verb pairs and mirror signs and mirror handshapes.

Third, do worksheet activities in the e-book
The 5 Auslan Story Videos Linguistic Elements Worksheets for Advanced and Interpreter in Training e-book
includes worksheets on linguistic elements for each Auslan stories for students to fill in. Also included are:
- worksheet related answers
- peer evaluation activities and sheets on specific linguistic elements
- activities to improve students' interpreting and translating skills on the 5 Auslan stories
- handshapes sheet with labels for students to identify handshapes being used in the 5 Auslan stories

The signs in the 5 Auslan Stories are from the Victorian state, signs all around Australia are generally the same except for a few, especially colours. If you are from a state other than Victoria, please double check the signs that they are the same that your state use.

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The 5 Auslan Stories e-book and videos
are copyright and for personal and school classroom use only. The e-book is to be printed only once its entirety per individual/teacher and the individual/teacher may photocopy the e-book as many times for personal and classroom use. Please do not photocopy, reprint or distribute the e-book and videos to other individuals or teachers, please direct them to this website to purchase them instead.

For Individual Auslan Teachers and/or Companies - i
f you would like to use e-book and videos from Auslan Resources as part of your Auslan teaching business, for example, teaching private Auslan classes or community Auslan classes, please contact me for permission and special deal discounts.