Teaching Auslan in Victorian schools or just learning Auslan? Here are the resources that you will need: Auslan Fonts, Auslan Stories, Flash Games, Lesson Plans, etc...


Educational Auslan Apps
with English Grammar

Auslan Fonts

Resources for
Auslan teachers

Free Auslan Signs
for Classroom Use


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E-books for Auslan Teachers

The Auslan Picture Dictionary

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Mix and Match Cards

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Label the Signs

LOTE Activity Book A

LOTE Activity Book B

LOTE Auslan
Lesson Plans
Grade 1 and 2

SOS I have an
Auslan Signing Kid
in my Class!

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5 Auslan Stories

For Beginners and Intermediate
(Prep - Grade 6)


5 Auslan Stories

For Advanced and
Interpreter in Training


5 Auslan Stories

The Whole Thing  -

For Beginners and Intermediate
Advanced and Interpreter in Training



Auslan Coloring Pages for Students


Auslan Alphabet Coloring Doodle page

FUN FOR KIDS - if you have a non-signing CRT or substitute teacher covering your Auslan class, who does not know how to sign in Auslan, this is a wonderful time-consuming activity for your students.

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Free Resources for LOTE Auslan Teachers

LOTE Auslan
Games and Activities Ideas
for the Classroom


VELS & VCE related information
for LOTE Auslan Teachers




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