Teaching Auslan in Victorian schools or just learning Auslan? Here are the resources that you will need: Auslan Fonts, Auslan Stories, Flash Games, Lesson Plans, etc...


Educational Auslan Apps
with English Grammar

Auslan Fonts

Resources for
Auslan teachers

Free Auslan Signs
for Classroom Use


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E-books for Auslan Teachers

The Auslan Picture Dictionary

The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Mix and Match Cards


The Auslan Picture Dictionary
Label the Signs


LOTE Activity Book A

LOTE Activity Book B

LOTE Auslan
Lesson Plans
Grade 1 and 2


SOS I have an
Auslan Signing Kid
in my Class!

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5 Auslan Stories

For Beginners and Intermediate
(Prep - Grade 6)


5 Auslan Stories

For Advanced and
Interpreter in Training


5 Auslan Stories

The Whole Thing  -

For Beginners and Intermediate
Advanced and Interpreter in Training



Auslan Coloring Pages for Students


Auslan Alphabet Coloring Doodle page

FUN FOR KIDS - if you have a non-signing CRT or substitute teacher covering your Auslan class, who does not know how to sign in Auslan, this is a wonderful time-consuming activity for your students.

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Free Resources for
LOTE Auslan Teachers

Teaching Auslan in ACARA and VCAA
Australian Curriculum Assessing and Reporting Authority
Victorian Curriculum and Assessing Authority

LOTE Auslan Games and Activities Ideas for the Classroom





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