Teaching Auslan in Victorian schools or just learning Auslan? Here are the resources that you will need: Auslan Fonts, Auslan Stories, Flash Games, Lesson Plans, etc...


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Auslan Sign Bank
An online Auslan dictionary in video motion.
If you're puzzled with a sign in your Auslan Dictionary and wonder how it is actually signed out, you can check it out in here.


ASL University
Heaps of neat ASL (American Sign Language) lessons and ideas, generously shared by Bill Vicars, most of which can be applied to Auslan. Excellent discussions on grammar aspects of ASL (which is similar to Auslan).

Timesavers for Teachers
1,000 Writing Ideas is an useful resource - many interesting and funny topics to choose from. Students can pick a topic and talk about it non-stop for 3 minutes, and others evaluate their Auslan skills.

Dawn Sign Press
VISTA Signing Naturally 1 and 2, although is American based, it has many useful lesson plans, games and activities that can be applied to Auslan.



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