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5 Auslan Story Videos and Interactive Flash Games

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I can't access Vimeo! It won't let me in so I can't see the Auslan videos or download them... what do I do?
A: Some schools have restricted internet access and may have included Vimeo in its blocked list. The other way is to download the videos from your home or your friend's home and save it into your USB so that you can bring it to school if you would like to use the videos in your class.

Q: I am in Vimeo, and the password is working... I can see the video, but how do I actually download it into my computer/laptop?
A: Follow these steps if you are using Chrome as your browser:

1. Underneath the video, click on "Download"

2. Click on "SD .MP4file"

3. On the bottom left of the computer screen, you will see a pop-up to indicate that the video is being downloaded. Once it has stopped downloading, click on the tiny arrow to its right.

4. The tiny arrow will show up another pop-up window. Click on "Show in folder" so that you know where exactly the video is being saved in your computer.


If you are using I.E. as your browser, follow steps 1 and 2 above.

5. After step 2, this will pop up. Click on "Save".


Q: I've successfully downloaded the zip containing the Flash Games, but when I open the zip, I see three items ending with .swf, .html and .js ...which one do I use?
A: Double click on index.html and the flash game will pop up, ready for you to play with it.

Q: I double clicked on index.html and the flash game still won't play!
A: If the Flash Game is not showing, your computer/laptop may not have Adobe Flash Player installed or you may have an older version that no longer works.

You can download an updated Adobe Flash Player for free here

After downloading the Adobe Flash Player, close and re-open your browser and you should be able to see the Interactive Flash Game.

NOTE: Ipads normally do not support Flash videos (i.e. Flash games will not work on ipads). However, there is a way around it, you can download an app called "Photon" to be able to view Flash videos and games on your Ipad.


How to use the Auslan Story and Interactive Flash Game


Video Instruction on how to use the Flash Game and
Activity Sheets with your students