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5 Auslan Story Videos
For Beginner and Intermediate/Prep to Grade 6

 - 5 Auslan Stories with Pictures Video (about 20 minutes long) 
(Bird, Caterpillar, Deer, Lizard and Rabbit)
 - 5 Flash Games
(Bird, Caterpillar, Deer, Lizard and Rabbit)
 - E-book: 5 Auslan Story Videos Worksheets & Activities for Beginner and Intermediate/Prep to Grade 6

The 5 Auslan Stories with Pictures Video includes 5 short Auslan stories, about 2 - 4 minute each, signed by a native Auslan signer from the Victorian state. Each Auslan stories have fun and expressive pictures within the story so that students are able to follow the Auslan story without getting overwhelmed or lost. It is a great video series for beginners. All Auslan stories include Auslan linguistic elements, such as tokens, surrogates, role shifting, facial expressions, eye gazing classifiers, proforms, etc, etc. With the additional Introductory to Auslan Linguistic Elements Video (not included in this package, but highly recommended), teachers can go a step further and introduce these linguistic elements to students.

The 5 Flash Games includes a mixed-up storyboard picture of the Auslan story, students try to re-arrange the pictures into the correct story sequence according to the Auslan story. Teachers can use this game with the class after the class has watched the Auslan video. A fun way of developing Auslan skills with the whole class' contribution and feedback!

E-book (in pdf): The 5 Auslan Story Video Worksheets & Activities
for Beginner and Intermediate/Prep - Grade 6 includes worksheets for each Auslan stories, after the students have seen the video and played the flash games, they can then work independently on arranging the stories into correct sequence. Some students work better independently and it will internalise what they have learnt. Teachers' answers sheets are also included. Also included are activity ideas which you can use after watching the Auslan stories. The E-book has an extra bonus: a handshapes chart with labels for all different kinds of handshapes and handshapes cards (in black/white and coloured). Teachers can print out these handshapes cards for group activities where students recognise the different kinds of handshapes being used in the Auslan stories.

If you would like to try it out before purchasing, the first Auslan story, "The Auslan Bird Story", is provided for free, which includes the flash game and worksheet.
Click here to try it out.


Cost: $30.00 AUD


To order this, please send us an email with the items you would like to order. A PayPal invoice will be emailed to you.

Once payment is made, an email will be sent to you with an attachment or Drobox link to download into your computer:

- 5 Auslan Stories with Pictures Video
- 5 Auslan Flash Games (in a zipped folder)
- 5 Auslan Story Worksheets & Activities for Beginner and Intermediate/Prep - Grade 6 e-book (in pdf)

The 5 Auslan Stories with Pictures Video, Flash Games and e-book 5 Auslan Story Worksheets & Activities for Beginner/Intermediate (Prep - Grade 6)
are copyright and for personal and classroom use only. The Auslan video is to be downloaded once and the e-book is to be printed only once its entirety, and the teacher/instructor may photocopy their printed copy of the e-book as many time for personal and classroom use. The Auslan video, flash games and e-book are not to be reproduced or reprinted in its entirety more than once to be given or distributed to other teachers/instructors, schools or friends. If anyone is interested to have a copy, please direct them to this website. Thank you.

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